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Other Architects In the Parks

Calvert Vaux was not the only architect to design structures for Buffalo’s Olmsted parks – many other notable architects did so as well.

Howard L. Beck (City Architect, City of Buffalo)
Designed – Point of the Meadow Shelter House, Delaware Park (1926)
– Bandstand, Cazenovia Park (1926)
– Casino, Martin Luther King Park (1926)
– Skating Warming House, Cazenovia Park (1926)

Gordon Bunshaft (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill)
Designed – Addition, Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Henry L. Campbell
Designed – Sheep barn, Delaware Park (1886)
– Shelter House, Bennett Park (1888-1889)
– Shelter House, Mastern Park (1888-1889)
– Barn and stable, Delaware Park (1893)
– Animal House, deer paddock, Delaware Park (1896)
– Bear pits, Delaware Park (1897)
– Addition to Superintendent’s House, Delaware Park (1898)
– Replacement Assistant Superintendent’s house, Elmwood Ave., Delaware Park (1897-8)
– Shelter House, Front Park (1898), converted to open picnic shelter in 1951.
– Lily Pond Shelter House, Delaware Park (1900-1901)
– Russell Street Shelter House, Delaware Park (1900-1901)
– Delaware & Forest Aves. Shelter House (1901), demolished 1935.

August Esenwein and Robert Johnson (Essenwein and Johnson)
Designed – Casino, Cazenovia Park
Elephant House, Zoo, Delaware Park
Parkside Lodge, Delaware Park
Shelter House, Prospect Park (1907-1908)

Edward Brodhead Green and William Sydney Wicks (Green & Wicks, later E.B. Green and Son)
Designed – New Boat House, Delaware Park (1900-1901)
– Albright Knox Art Gallery, Delaware Park (1900-1905)
– Shelter House, Lily Pool, Delaware Park (1900)
– Shelter House, Cazenovia Park (1902)
– Fountain and seating, Gates Circle (1902)

George Cary
Designed – New York State Pavilion, now Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society, Delaware Park (1901)
– Wing additions, Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society, Delaware Park (1925-1929).

Eugene L. Holmes (earlier, partner in Holmes & Little; partnership dissolved 1882)
Designed – Lake View House (1882)
Expansion, Boat House, Delaware Park (1884)

Anthony O. James (formerly Park Architect, Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy; presently Consulting Park Architect).
Designed – Martin Luther King Park Picnic Shelters (2012)
– Restoration, Front Park Picnic Shelter (2013)
– Restoration, Martin Luther King Park Casino (2014-2017)
– River Rock Gardens (Minnow Pool) Pedestrian Bridge, Riverside Park (2014)
– Reconstruction, Crowley Avenue Shelter House, Riverside Park (2014-2016)
– Restoration, Japanese Garden Entrance Gate, Delaware Park (2017)
– Reconstruction, Rose Garden Pergola, Delaware Park (2017)
– Restoration, Martin Luther King Park Casino (2014-2017)
– Restoration, Cazenovia Park Shelter House (2017)
– Restoration, Rumsey Park Shelter House (2018-2019)

Robert Johnson (Essenwein and Johnson), see Albert Essenwein, above.

Irwin Klein
Designed – Thomas Tosh Collins Community Center, Cazenovia Park (1969-1971; enlarged 2002, design by Michael S. Nowak on behalf of BHNT Architects PC, 2000.)

Edward Lindsay (City Architect, City of Buffalo)
Designed – Renovation of Delaware Park Casino (1990)

Lord and Burnham Co.
Designed – Greenhouses, Delaware Park (circa 1900)
– Conservatory, South Park (1897-1900, rebuilt 1930)
– Conservatory, Martin Luther King Park (1909, additions 1911-1912, front section rebuilt 1938)

Fred H. Loverin and Frederick Whelan (Loverin & Whelan)
Designed – Bandstand, Front Park (1898)
Bandstand, Humboldt Park (1898)
Bandstand, Delaware Park (1898?)

Melvin Morris
Designed – Alterations to Delaware Park Casino (1961)

Stephen J. Palmisano
Designed – Connors, Kait & Harrity Natatorium, Cazenovia Park (1981)
– Timothy J. Burvid Ice Rink reconstruction, Cazenovia Park (ca. 1980)
– Reuben “Bud” Blakewell Ice Rink reconstruction, Riverside Park (ca. 1980)

Stieglitz Snyder Architecture
Designed – Addition to Buffalo Museum of Science for the Dr. Charles R. Drew School of Science (1990)

Sebastian J. Tauriello
Designed – Niagara Branch Library, Prospect Park (1957)

Robert Alexander Wallace
Designed – Shelter House, Humboldt Park (1903)

Frederick Whelan (Loverin & Whelan), see Fred H. Loverin, above.

William Sydney Wicks (Green & Wicks), see Edward Brodhead Green, above.