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Other Olmsted Projects in Buffalo

A number of other Olmsted projects in Buffalo and surrounding areas were constructed or proposed over the years.

  • Niagara Square 1874 (partially constructed, also intended to incorporate a proposed Soldier’s Memorial Arch by H. H. Richardson).
  • South Park (proposed) 1886 (not constructed).
  • Addition to The Front 1887-1891 (partially constructed).
  • City and County Hall (now Old Erie County Hall) 1875-1878 (grounds have been partially destroyed by building additions).
  • New York State Asylum for the Insane (now the Buffalo Psychiatric Center, the Richardson-Olmsted Complex, and Buffalo State College) ca. 1877 (partially destroyed by building additions).
  • Ontario Power Company, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada 1904.
  • Buffalo Civic Center 1919 (lost).
  • Parkside Subdivision 1872-1886.
  • Hyde Park Land Syndicate 1880-1890.
  • Villa Park Land Company 1885-1887.
  • Depew Improvement Co., Depew, NY 1892-1894. (partially completed).
  • John J. Albright residence, 730 West Ferry Street, Buffalo, NY 1890-1907 (demolished in 1935). (Albright was a business partner of Wm. A. Rogers and of Edmund B. Hayes. Albright and Hayes were principals in the Ontario Power Company. Some peripheral elements of the estate remain, but none of the Olmsted landscaping.)
  • Edmund B. Hayes residence, 147 North Street, Buffalo, NY 1891-1893 (lost). (Hayes was a business partner of John J. Albright.).
  • William A. Rogers residence, 309 North Street, Buffalo, NY 1893-1895. (Wm. A. Rogers was a business partner of John J. Albright.)
  • Robert Livingston Fryer residence, 685 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 1900-1901. (Fryer was a son-in-law to Pascal P. Pratt.)
  • Spencer Kellogg, Sr. residence, 805 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 1904 (lost, site presently occupied by Temple Beth Zion.).